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NEW 2019 Washington School (Non Select Clients) Gallery 1 of 2
NEW 2019 Washington School ( Non Select Clients) Gallery 2 of 2

NEW 2019 Bayou Academy  (Non Select Clients) Gallery Coming Soon!

New  2019 Bayou Academy Homecoming Court 

New   2019-20 Portrait Plans 

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Michael A. Kelly is a professional, award-winning wildlife and nature photographer from the Mississippi Delta.  Inspired by his love of the Mississippi River’s woods, swamps and wildlife, he began photographing wildlife and nature in 1981.  To date, Michael’s publications exceed 1800 nationally.  In 2003, discovering his new passion of portraiture and sports photography, he now spends most of his time trying to capture that breath-taking image whether it is sports, portraits, or wildlife and nature.  So, come on in and enjoy his latest work just after “The Moment It Clicks.”



f  you are looking for wildlife, nature, sports, portraits or almost any type of photography or products, Michael A. Kelly with Wild Exposures may have just what you need.  With over 30 years behind the camera, and even if it is something unconventional, Michael can most likely accommodate you.  Contact Michael today at 662-347-3086 for all of your photography needs.

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